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Brendan's Story - #BStrong

“On Friday, October 14, 2022, we met our 19 year old son, Brendan, at the UVA ER. He had been sick at college and was told he had an enlarged spleen probably due to complications from mono.

About 6 hours later, a doctor told us it was a type of leukemia. On Saturday, they confirmed his diagnosis of B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia... and our journey began.

My husband and I took turns staying with him in the hospital, all the while, trying to find a place to live. All hotels were sold out on weekends (due to UVA football games) and all shared housing was out due to his immune system.

We were beyond grateful and felt truly blessed when they opened The Alyssa House to our family. It gave us a place for all of us to be together...We will be forever indebted to The Alyssa House our home away from home.

We were amazed at all the offers of help The Alyssa House provided! The Board and supporters provided us with more than we could ever have imagined. They showered Brendan with gift cards, blankets, protein shakes, Legos, etc., just to ease the burden of this unexpected and difficult road.

This home represents the love of a family and helps ease one’s anxiety as you walk into a new, scary unknown. Thank you for blessing us, and all the families that have stayed or will stay with The Alyssa House.”

#BStrong for Brendan


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