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Meet Baby Khy'Von

Meet our newest little miracle at The Alyssa House- Khy'Von.

Khy'Von is a two month old heart warrior who was recently placed on the transplant list. He is his mom and dad's 'whole world' and they're praying hard for the perfect donor heart.

Khy'Von was diagnosed with Mitral Valve Regurgitation at 8 days old and had his first open heart surgery at only a month old.

Khy'Von's mom and dad are staying close by at The Alyssa House, while he gets the care he needs at UVA. His family appreciates your love, support, and prayers for their amazing, resilient little boy.

We never charge our guests a cent to stay at The Alyssa House. You can help sponsor Khy'Von's stay with a donation at


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