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Celebrating Three Years... And 1,000 Nights of Free Housing!

The Alyssa House opened our doors to our very first family three years ago this January!

We were new — still trying to learn the basic ins and outs of nonprofits, looking for ways to get the message out to involve our community of volunteers, and trying to raise funds so that we could be a refuge for families who were struggling to keep their children alive.

We stepped out on faith trusting that our community would come through for us — and you have. Thank you!

Our first resident-patient was a teenage girl who had just undergone a heart transplant. After spending 11 weeks at The Alyssa House with her family, she got to go home, resume her normal life, and just enjoy being a teen again.

Next, we welcomed a family whose infant son was recovering from a liver transplant. Four months later they also went home with a positive medical outcome.

Family after family has stayed at The Alyssa House for two weeks, five weeks… or even five months. Our residents have been recovering from liver transplants, heart transplants, open heart surgeries, pediatric cancers, premature births… all of which required that they have a calm, clean, comfortable, and safe place to stay.

To date, we’ve been honored to have 18 families call The Alyssa House “home.”

None of this would be possible without you, our community. Your gifts have helped us provide nearly 1,000 nights of completely FREE HOUSING over the last three years.

Almost 1,000 nights where families were unburdened by the financial and logistical pressures of having a place to stay. Instead they could focus their attention and energy on their child’s recovery, while keeping their family together.

Your financial gifts make it so we never, ever have to ask a family that stays The Alyssa House to pay even one cent.

We are so grateful that you have opened your hearts to our families and shared your time, effort, and financial gifts with The Alyssa House so that we could help meet their needs.

Thank you for making what we do possible. Here’s to the next three years!

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