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Family Testimonial: The Brave Baby Jovie

How exciting it was to find out that God was blessing us with our fourth precious child to love and raise!

At 19 weeks we found our that Mom had a rare pregnancy complication that would cause our sweet girl to be born early, although we had high hopes of a scheduled delivery at 34 weeks, an emergency required delivery at 31 weeks. Our sweet Jovie (meaning strong and happy) stayed in the NICU for 6 weeks, where she received the most outstanding care!

One of our greatest gifts during this journey was The Alyssa House, and the wonderful people that we met along the way! Our gratitude cannot be expressed adequately with words, but we will always remember this blessing and will pray for this ministry always!

With thanks and love,

The Hales

Will, Ashley, Victoria, Emery, Davis and baby Jovie.

(Feb. 2019)

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