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Three Cheers for Elaina!

Three cheers for Elaina! After searching for YEARS, our Alyssa House friend Elaina Grace finally found a kidney match. Elaina first stayed with us when she was 3.

Elaina went into renal failure when she was only 3 years old, and has been on 9 hours of daily home dialysis ever since. Elaina is an amazing little girl, and has been through so much over the years. Despite the challenges, Elaina always has a smile on her face, and is one of the sweetest kids we've ever met.

Her family has been looking for a kidney since August 2018, and their prayers and wishes have finally come true. Elaina has a match!

Please join us in sending love to Elaina's family on this truly joyous day. Elaina, your friends at The Alyssa House are so happy for you.


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