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Celebrating 6 Months Post-Transplant

Today our friend Elaina Grace is celebrating 6 MONTHs with her new kidney! After countless years of medical complications, Elaina received a lifesaving kidney transplant in March. We're sharing words from Elaina's mom Crystal on this special day:

"Sometimes I feel like I'm in a dream. I never thought we would see the day of not worrying so much.

"Elaina has gotten to play in mud puddles for the first time in her life. She has taken a long bath. No more having to rush to get out and change a bandage. No more nasty dialysis infections.

"She rarely gets sick and has enjoyed eating and drinking whatever she likes. She can attend all the water balloon fights she wants now.

"She has grown so much.... I've gotten my little girl back and we're able to do things I only dreamed we could do. All this was only possible because someone stepped in and donated.

"I prayed over 3 years for the perfect kidney and God found the perfect one.. Please continue to pray for Elaina and Anitra. Today is their day. The Gilliam's are celebrating today and praising God for protecting Elaina and her new kidney."


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