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Adalyn's Story — Family Testimonial

"April 4th 2020 is when we found out about our sweet Addie having a heart defect called hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS). We were so scared, shocked, and feared the unknown. It’s taken a lot of prayers and tears, but we have overcome so many obstacles this far. We know God can get us through the rest

We picked UVA for her open heart surgery because it was a well known hospital to operate on HLHS kids. Our local hospitals did not perform these types of surgeries because of the extreme care needed after the operations.

We are beyond grateful for The Alyssa House family for allowing our family to stay close by for her 6 week recovery. Her big brother Bryson (2 and a half) was able to stay and still feel like he was at home. That feeling alone made this whole experience so much better, knowing our son was still so close by — even while one of us was with Adalyn in the hospital.

We will be forever so thankful that God opened all the right doors throughout Adalyn’s journey and we will pray for all the following families too! "

<3 The Bass Family

William, Jennifer, Bryson and Adalyn


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