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Addison's Story

“When Addison was born and we first went into the NICU, first they first told us she had a cleft palette... but then her stats kept dropping, and they told me she couldn’t breath on her own. They realized she had Pierre Robin syndrome. Her airways were blocked off.

From the day Addison was born up until we found The Alyssa House we were driving back and forth from the hospital to home almost every single day... There were times I was driving up to UVA at 3 o’clock in the morning- just to be with her.

The main thing I always wanted was for our family to be together. Her brothers didn’t know what was going on... they just knew their sister was in the hospital. They didn’t know why she didn’t come home when we came home. I was trying to be there for her, be there my other kids, and be there to support everybody. I didn’t want them to feel left out.

The boys really enjoyed be here (at The Alyssa House). They knew they were here to see their sister. As soon as we brought her home Jaxson just ran to her. They’ve been arguing back and forth about who gets to hold her, feed her, and help change her! Addison is enjoying all the attention!

“Words can’t express how thankful I am for all the support we’ve had. It’s definitely made a big impact in our lives, it’s something we won’t forget.”


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